Corporate Values

Long-Term Vision
Alere is committed to investing and developing sustainable buildings.

The company’s directive as a long-term owner enables the company to look deep in the future for sustainable returns with a keen focus on time-tested designs with environmentally friendly features.

Alere maximizes the efficiency of their buildings through sustainable design features such as energy efficient lighting, over standard skylight percentages and water saving technologies such as weather monitored sprinkler systems and drought tolerant landscapes.

The company is also on the leading edge of developing green buildings through the LEED certification program.

Local Relations
Alere has earned a reputation for exceeding expectations with tenants, brokers, lenders and municipalities. Since its founding in 2003, Alere has been one of the most active developers and investors in Southern California. This experience and expertise in all aspects of industrial real estate enables seamless transactions on every front. Alere’s success is due to its streamlined decision making process and significant relationships developed with the key participants in their markets.

Contact Us
Alere Property Group LLC

100 Bayview Circle, Suite 310 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: 949-509-5000

Fax: 949-509-5001

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